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Who is Layflat.com?

Learn about Layflat.com’s philosophy and experience.

Our Mission & Vision

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Our many years of developing and building top-quality printing and bookbinding systems have taught us what successful printers need: trusted, reliable, and committed knowledgeable technology partners.

Our Mission: Provide complete support at an affordable price to all size companies for deluxe LayFlat binding and printing systems.

Our Vision: Layflat.com, the go-to source with unique expertise and experience. Supported by knowledgeable worldwide distribution and technical personnel, we will work closely with businesses of varying scales to select the right binding systems to manufacture high value-added LayFlat books.

Our Commitment to You

Our Leadership

Asked about Layflat.com journey, our CEO Djawad Khorosh says, “Over many months, Layflat.com has evolved from an interesting concept into a cohesive experienced international bookbinding team encompassing design, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, marketing, sales and support. Our commitment is to work closely with worldwide book printers to provide advanced production systems for the rapidly-growing premium LayFlat book market.”

Djawad Khorosh

Djawad Khorosh

CEO, Layflat.com, AG