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LF 600 mB

Semi-automatic book block system

Introducing LF 600 mB

*All-in-one integrated semi automatic system


LF 600 mB is a semi automatic book block system which produces Lay Flat book blocks from single folded sheets. It can make photo book not only by gluing paper back to back but also by inserting cardboard between sheets.


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LF 600 mB

Semi-automatic book block system which produces blocks from single folded sheets.Speed: 600 sheets per hour

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  • 6”‐18” ( 152mm‐460mm)
  • 12”‐36” ( 305mm‐915mm)
  • 50mm
  • With or without
  • 0.35mm ‐1mm
  • 0.15mm‐0.3mm
  • Hot melt
  • 600 cycles /hour
  • 220V 50HZ Single phase
  • 2000W
  • 1214mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 1160m (H)
  • 350kg
  • 0.65 - 0.8MPa 80L/min


Output VariationOutput Variation

Key Features

  • Mannual feeder for folded sheets and cardboard;

  • Easy to operate via touch screen;

  • Flexible production for different sizes 6"*6" to 18"*18";

  • Layflat binding technology;

  • Hotmelt gluing technology; cheaper cost and faster delivery;

Machine Details