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Our Technology

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About Technology We Offer

At Layflat.com, our machines offer the latest premium binding technologies. For a book to get a perfect uninterrupted LayFlat look when opened, we offer two types of technologies.

  • classicBinding

    It is used for binding single-sided prints.


  • v-shapeBinding

    It is our patented technology which is extensively used for binding double-sided prints.


Are you wondering which LayFlat binding machines are best suitable for your needs?

Read on below to find out!

Layflat.com uses advanced and innovative binding techniques. Learn more about our Classic LayFlat binding and V-Shape LayFlat binding technologies below.

Classic LayFlat binding is suitable for simplex or one-sided printed sheets where the reverse sides of each page are glued to the next, thus creating a seamless flat appearance when the photobook is opened. Our machines in the LF Series are ideal for creating photobooks from Single sided sheets. Machines in this series include LF 1000 All-in MAX, LF 600 All-in, LF 200 MB, LF 1000 B MAX, and LF 1000 B. Each machine is distinct in terms of performance, size, power consumption etc. Visit the Products section on this website for more details as well as to find out which product is the best fit for you!

V-Shape LayFlat Binding is an innovative patented technology which is the ultimate solution for a LayFlat look as compared to the regular binding technique.

V-Shape LayFlat Binding has been specially developed for duplex prints or, in other words, double-sided printed sheets.V-Shape technology accurately binds the duplex, or double-sided, prints with utmost precision, generating a true LayFlat look when the book is opened — a visual experience that will flatter your design.Read More

V-Shape technology aligns all the pages to specifically share the binding load in the spine, creating a V-Shape that substantially increases the binding strength of the spine and the life of the photobook, along with providing great flexibility.

Our V-Shape technology is ideal for a wide variety of media such as photobooks, catalogues, and different types of visual books. Machines from our VS Series are equipped with V-Shape technology.There is a choice available even within V-Shape LayFlat Binding technology. The first option is laminating the regular prints and then binding them. The second option is taping, where a tape is placed in the spine area. This option is suitable for a variety of papers, namely lustre paper, metallic paper, art paper etc. as the texture of the paper can actually be felt even after the book is bound. Machines in this series include VS 850 All-in, VS 650 All-in, VS 700 B, VS 350 B, and TP 450 VS. Each machine is distinct in terms of performance, size, power consumption etc.
Visit the Products section on this website for more details. Read Less