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LF 200 mB

Premium photobook creation

IntroducingLF 200 MB

*All-in-one premium photobook solution


Binding Machines for Simplex Prints

LF 200 MB is one of the most innovative creation where creasing done with optimum and sharp precision. Combined with Hot & Cold press process, it helps in making a perfectly pasted photo book. It is suitable for single side prints and the photo book gets a complete LayFlat look. This machine binds photo papers as well as hot melt gumming sheets with equal perfection. It works at low temperature and provides faster output. LF 200 MB is the most ideal choice for those, who are looking for the most premium finish for their masterpiece creations.



machine image

LF 200 MB

All-in-one Binding machine for single-sided printsSpeed: 200 sheets per hour

  • 510 mm – 510 mm (20 inches – 20 inches)
  • 152 mm – 152 mm (6 inches – 6 inches)
  • 0.125 mm – 0.3 mm
  • 200 sheets per hour
  • Pneumatic connection required
  • 220V 50 Hz
  • 2500W
  • 1473 mm(L) x 1016 mm(W) x 1372 mm(H)
  • 350 kg


Output VariationOutput Variation

Key Features

  • Digital microcontroller with a large LCD touch screen to pre define and save each project;

  • A vacuum bed holds the prints to avoid any displacement of prints;

  • Pasting with gliding technology to ensure uniform pressure and even pasting;

  • Creasing groove can be set as per the paper thickness;

  • Hot and Cold processes are used to render uniform pressure at desired temperature and achieve better strength of the photo book;

The LF 200 MB has a digital microcontroller with a large LCD screen for
pre-defining and saving projects. The machine has a vacuum bed for holding the prints in order to avoid their displacement. Gliding technology is applied during pasting which ensures uniform pressure and even pasting. The creasing groove can be set as per the thickness of the paper. Both Hot and Cold Press processes are used to render uniform pressure at the desired temperature, achieving greater strength of the photobook.

Machine Details