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TL 5000

The best in class flat binding.

IntroducingTL 5000

*Best for high definition catalogues


Thermal Lamination machine

TL 5000 is a user-friendly touch-controlled double-side thermal lamination machine. The user can use the small thermal lamination roller of the film as well as the jumbo film roller.


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TL 5000

Double-side Thermal Lamination machineSpeed: 500 sheets/hr

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  • 510 mm
  • 125 GSM - 400 GSM
  • 0.125mm - 0.2 mm
  • 500sheets/hr
  • 220V AC 50HZ
  • 2500W
  • 813 mm(L) x 787 mm(W) x 1575 mm(H)
  • 100 Kg


Output Variation Output Variation

Key Features

  • User friendly touch control display to operate functions;

  • IR Sensor has provided to maintain accurate temperature;

  • Easily controlled speed for varied papers and lamination films, speed is up to 5mtrs/min;

  • Two types of film roller has been provided to simplify the operations, 1”(inch) core for small Film roll and 3”(Inch) core for jumbo film roll is there for the thermal laminations;

  • Heavy motors are provided to run the jumbo film roller;

  • Standby mode saves the power at the idle condition of the machine;

TL 5000 is a thermal lamination machine. It is user-friendly and comes with an easy-to-operate touch panel. The user can use either a 1-inch core small film roll or a 3-inch core jumbo film roll for thermal laminations. Accurate temperature is maintained with the help of an IR Sensor and the speed can be easily controlled depending on the paper or lamination film.

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