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UV 1500 S2

The best in class flat binding.

IntroducingUV 1500 S2

*Best for high definition catalogues


Coating & Curing machine

The UV 1500 S2 is the leading age of technology, it offers coating & curing with utmost precision, accuracy and consistency. This machine features two coaters for coating prints with two different chemicals simultaneously and a UV & IR chamber for thorough curing. This machine is specially designed to meet the specific market needs and does its job efficiently, yielding uniform coating.



machine image

UV 1500 S2

Coating & Curing machineSpeed: 2000 sheets per hour

  • 510 mm
  • 150 GSM - 400 GSM
  • 0.125mm-0.2mm
  • 2000 Sheets/hour (A3)
  • Air connection in required to run the thin paper
  • 3PH+N
  • 6000W
  • 3861 mm(L) x 698 mm(W) x 1168 mm(H)
  • 320 Kg


Output Variation Output Variation

Key Features

  • Two separate coaters, chemical tanks and channels for two different types of chemical;

  • Easy roller changing mechanism for obtaining varied creative texture;

  • Thickness control mechanism;

  • Easy to switch over the chemical connection lines;

This two station facility gives an added advantage to the photo book manufacturers and digital print shops as they provide different features in a single book. UV 1500 S2 is suitable for all sorts of Offset and Digital prints like HP Indigo, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Canon, Xerox, Kodak, Photo papers and more.

Machine Details