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VS 850 All-In

High-speed binding and lamination

IntroducingVS 850 All-In

*All-in-one photobook binding and lamination system


Binding Machines for Duplex Prints

VS 850 All-in allows you to program up to 10 photobooks with varied specifications. All you need to do is simply feed in the stack of papers manually at one end. The laminated prints will be delivered at the other end without any human intervention needed during the process. Our specially designed patented technology used in the paper feeder ensures that at each time, only one sheet of paper is fed into the machine. The VS 850 All-in carries out all the processes involved i.e. auto-feeding, window cutting, hole-punching, thermal laminating, and auto-cutting of the laminated sheets which takes place with minute precision. Lamination can be programmed with or without texture for each book. In a very short duration, your stack of photobooks is ready to be stapled and bound using V-Shape LayFlat binding technology.



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VS 850 All-In

Pre-programmable all-in-one machine for Laminating and V-Shape BindingSpeed: 850 sheets per hour

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  • 5” - 20” (380mm - 510mm)
  • 12.5” -20” (320mm - 510mm)
  • 18mm (stapler & media ristruction)
  • 850 Sheets/hour
  • 220V 50HZ Single phase
  • 6000 W
  • 3480 (L) x 1092 (W) x 1651 (H) mm
  • 750 kg
  • 0.6 - 0.9MPa 340L/min


Output Variation Output Variation

Key Features

  • Every aspects can be pre-programmed with 10” (inch) display with windows 10 OS & PLC;

  • Choice of laminations with or without texture at the same time;

  • Patented technology of the auto feeder;

  • Innovative Patented technology for V-Shape lay flat binding;

  • Saves time, reduces manpower, optimum accuracy, occupies less space;

The VS 850 All-in can pre-program all processes involved in the photobook binding and lamination process. It comes with a 10-inch display with Windows 10 OS and PLC. Laminations can be programmed either with or without texture (embossing) for each photobook. The technology of the auto feeder is patented. The machine also carries out the innovative patented V-Shape LayFlat binding. Overall, this compact machine enables the user to save time and manpower while delivering optimum accuracy.

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