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A review of the LF Bookbinding Series from our client in Shanghai

November 05, 2020

Beiyan Photobook Co. Ltd., a leading photobook manufacturer in Shanghai, China, shares their review of the LF Bookbinding Series. This review comes after having used these automated low-maintenance machines since late 2019.

Beiyan Photobook Co. Ltd. Shanghai, China has become a leading high-quality photobook manufacturer of wedding and children’s albums. Originally, it began by making only album covers, then two years ago recognized the rapid growth opportunity to manufacture complete photobook. After carefully investigating which equipment would best enable it to enter the competitive layflat market segment as novices, it purchased the first two LF series bookbinding systems at the end of 2019. In July 2020, it installed a third system.

As an early adopter of the LF Series machines, Production manager Zhaoyanxiang writes, “After installing these automated, low maintenance machines, making high quality photobooks became very simple, even for unskilled workers. We use these machines to make photobooks printed on synthetic paper: a big advantage for gaining more business and higher margins. On the rare occasion when we need support, an experienced engineer is sent, even during nonworking hours and holidays.”