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Jet Press 750S PSPs in China boost Profits with Layflat Bookbinders

July 04, 2022

Meggen, Switzerland and Guangdong, China (July 04, 2022) In 2019, the first Fujifilm inkjet Jet Press 750S in China was installed at Wuhan Excelll Imaging Co., Ltd., quickly galvanizing the photo imaging market with its print quality, speed and lower cost per print than traditional silver halide printers. However, this did not initially produce the expected business results.

Why? Excell Imaging’s B2B business model was manufacturing prints/pages for other wedding book companies, and they encountered some key barriers: Shipping and handling costs represented a significant portion of the overall price; Shipping also took a few days, and if the prints/pages were not perfect, reprinting consumed a few more days and hurt profits.

Studying the overall wedding photography market, they concluded that manufacturing a complete book block would resolve these issues, especially a lay-flat book block. Researching suitable lay-flat binding solution, they found that the Layflat.com LF 1000 All-in-Max was very compatible with the Jet Press 750S.

Despite the impact of COVID-19 on the overall wedding photo business, sales of premium wedding photo books continued to expand, and the new B2B2C business model of Excell Imaging boosted its profits, and another 3 Layflat.com binding systems were installed to handle the rowing demand.

This success with the Jet Press 750S did not go unnoticed, and Fujifilm sold five more Jet Press 750S printers have now been sold to other Chinese Print Service Providers (PSPs). Each one is supported by multiple bookbinding units from Layflat.com (see accompanying list of installations).

This year, Excelll Imaging introduced a new type of photobook that uses synthetic paper, causing a sensation in the wedding market and sales have increased dramatically. Recently, Yupo Corp. has announced that its synthetic paper will soon be available for the Fujifilm Jet Press 750S, and this is expected to stimulate additional sales of prints and benefit the overall wedding photo business. While these printers produce only simplex, or one-sided, prints, these can create double-page spreads for dramatic effect in photobooks and most premium wedding albums are made with single-sided lay-flat binding.

Print Service Provider Layflat.com Model Number
Wuhan Excelll Imaging Co. Ltd. LF1000 All-in Max  4
Hunan Xinjiaying Art Co., Ltd. LF1000 All-in Max  2
  LF2000 All-in Max  3
Guangdong Chaose Imaging Culture Co. Ltd. LF1000 All-in Max  2
Xiamen Sancai Trading Co. Ltd. LF1000 All-in Max  2
LF2000 All-in Max  2
Shenyang Lannuoyoupin Graphic Design Co., Ltd. LF1000 All-in Max  2
Shangqiu Jinqiu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. LF1000 All-in Max  1
LF2000 All-in  1
LF1000 Max  1
LF 1000 CF  1

Although headquartered in Switzerland, Layflat.com has woven together a close knit alliance of highly-regarded companies from around the world to offer reliable regional manufacturing, sales and customer support. All systems are manufactured to meet stringent EU requirements.

More information about the company’s full line of products and distributors can be found at: www.layflat.com