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Layflat set to showcase binding innovations at Drupa 2024

April 01, 2024

During the HP VIP Event held in Indianapolis, USA, on 22-23 March 2024, where the company was one of the manufacturers demonstrating its post-press equipment at the concurrent Edge event, the CEO of Layflat.com, Djawad Khorosh, spoke to PrintWeek. He said, "We will be showcasing the LF 2000 All-in Max and TP 450 VS, in close proximity to the HP Indigo 18K Digital Press, as well as our newest release: The LF 2000 All-In Max inline soft cover glue unit to produce commercial softcover books."

Rajkot-based Pinnacle Technocrats represent Layflat.com in India.

The LF 2000 All-In Max is a high-speed, fully automatic book block system that produces lay-flat book blocks from single sheets. It can create promotional books by glueing paper back-to-back and inserting cardboard between sheets. The LF 2000 All-In Max is a high-speed, all-in-one station featuring creasing, folding, and inline automatic book presses.

Among the featured equipment will be the TP 450 VS, a multi-functional slit and strip binding machine, which is used to give photo and commercial books an entirely lay-flat opening with V-Shape Technology.

"This machine solves problems that typically occur when laminating photo or commercial books with unique surfaces such as texture paper, metallic paper, and lustre paper," explained Khorosh. "Laminating such unique media reduces its charm and richness. TP 450 VS solves this problem by slitting and tapping the spine, strengthening it, and adding flexibility. The auto feeder can feed the media as programmed, and the slitting distance from the spine will be adjusted automatically."