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Our client from China reviews the LF 1000 MAX

November 05, 2020

The Chinese Golden Autumn Group expanded into the layflat bookbinding market segment and installed the LF 1000 MAX in December 2019. After their success with this machine, their CEO explains how it has improved their efficiency and lowered costs.

The Chinese Golden Autumn Group manufactures wedding and children’s photobooks at three separate factories. Expanding into the layflat segment of the market, it installed an LF 1000 Max in December 2019. Based on the success achieved with this bookbinding system, a second one was added in September 2020 and a third one is being installed during November 2020.

Pleased by this achievement, CEO Li Feixiang wrote, “Most photobooks require an insert between pages, but the LF 1000 Max automatically produces high quality back-to-back print binding, a very difficult job by hand. This has enabled us, using less floor space, to make high quality books faster with lower material and labor costs.”