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PhotoXport takes on LayFlat binding systems

February 21, 2024

UK-based photo and print specialist supplier PhotoXport has agreed a new and exclusive reseller partnership with photobook binding systems manufacturer LayFlat, offering the latter’s quality printing and bookbinding systems to a broad range of customers and business applications.

Expected to appeal to photo retailers, pro labs, print shops and print fulfilment operations across the UK, the LayFlat range is designed to fully automate the binding process for lay-flat photobooks, including the gluing of single-side printed sheets, with or without inserting board in between,  plus the spine formation, creasing and binding necessary. There is also a V-cut version that can handle duplex printed pages bespoke casing-in, book press, coating, folding, creasing and lamination products for a complete end-to-end workflow. 

LayFlat is a sister business to Imaging Solutions, which has produced products that handle single-sided print, creased folding and hot melted glue binding in industrial automated settings and which are  found in major labs including Harrier, Cewe and Graphi Studio. Via the arrangement with PhotoXport, LayFlat aims to gain market share in the UK and to bring its products to mid-sized and smaller businesses who may be outsourcing this type of work, or handling it in-house but via largely manual processes.

According to PhotoXport, LayFlat offers a wide range of semi- or fully automated solutions to suit varying capacity and book size needs, at a rnage of budget points. The company’s James Lawrence-Jones told Digital Printer that the machines offer ‘industrial build quality based on Swiss design using German and Japanese parts and Far East assembly’ and are fully warrantied and supported across the UK by skilled industry engineers.

Derek Fieldhouse, managing director, PhotoXport Global, said, ‘We’re extremely excited to announce this new partnership with LayFlat.com. The products are revolutionary and come from a business with true authority and innovative R&D in the print industry and this brings real opportunity for our existing photo customers and new clients in the traditional print and fulfilment sectors.’

LayFlat CEO Djawad Khorosh commented, ‘PhotoXport have photo-printing DNA in their blood. They understand that there is a significant potential market outside of the traditional photo sector with LayFlat technologies. They have a fantastic reputation in the UK market with robust support. We are excited to see how the business develops in the territory and we are behind them for every step of the journey.’