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Press Release Introducing Layflat.com

November 05, 2020

November 5, 2020 – x Printers worldwide can now partner with a new company dedicated to providing them with advanced automated bookbinding systems to take advantage of the rapidly growing premium layflat book market. Founded on the principle of establishing long-term relationships with customers, Layflat.com has evolved into a cohesive experienced international bookbinding team encompassing design, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, marketing, sales and support.

&CEO Djawad Khorosh invested almost a year to select and evaluate the best international team members before officially launching the company in October 2020. “We worked closely with all our manufacturers, thoroughly evaluating our systems under operating conditions with some printers, before deciding we were ready,” he commented. “We considered many distribution/support channels before selecting those companies which best matched our philosophy of commitment to the customer.”

Even with the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, every family and company wants to create impressive books portraying the stories of their lives and businesses: Books about Architecture, Art, Poetry, Cooking, Professional Photography, School Days, Important Events, Products and Services. That overall market continues to grow, with the premium layflat segment exhibiting the fastest growth.

Although headquartered in Switzerland, Layflat.com has woven together a close-knit alliance of highly regarded companies from around the world to offer reliable regional manufacturing, sales and customer support. All systems are manufactured to meet stringent EU requirements.

More information about the company’s products can be found at: www.layflat.com